43. Skopje Jazz Festival: 17-20 October 2024

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20 October National Opera and Ballet, 22:00 NOB, 22:00


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Sylvie Courvoisier and Mary Halvorson are celebrated and award-winning contemporary improvisers who approach abstraction from two different angles: Courvoisier as a pianist at the bridge between free jazz and European classical music, and Halvorson as a deconstructive guitar improviser, strongly affiliated with the Brooklyn’s avant-garde jazz scene. In their formations, it is always a matter of breaking up well-rehearsed patterns, of using deconstructive methods to tease something out of the players that has so far remained hidden from them in their own actions. Searching for the Disappeared Hour marks the second collaboration for these two singular musicians. Their initial collaboration, 2017’s Crop Circles, was recorded after a single concert (at New York’s now-defunct Cornelia Street Café) and found them repurposing existing compositions for the duo context. By contrast, the music on Searching for the Disappeared Hour was composed expressly for the duo, taking stunning advantage of the chemistry and familiarity forged during tours of Europe and United States. This has something shimmering, sometimes confusing, and the listeners are given an exciting task: to think together construction and negation as a process, to listen to the harmonies in their decomposition, to understand the unfamiliar as a utopian search for another language - in short: as a great adventure.