41. Skopje Jazz Festival
13-16 October 2022

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17 October MKC Kino Frosina, 14:00 MKC Kino Frosina, 14:00

CLOUD ARRANGERS by Žiga Koritnik (photography book presentation)

Free entrance

“Being a jazz music photographer is very interesting. This work is my priority: to be close to musicians, to become their friend… Emotions are always very close to the surface, especially since music often carries positive or negative messages. The title of this book – ‘Cloud Arrangers’ – came to me years ago while I was lying on the shore of Lake Bohinj, admiring the clouds above me. A friend of mine from Scotland rowed past with his kids in his canoe. We greeted each other, and his son said ‘Who is this?’ He responded, ‘This is the cloud arranger.’ I immediately made a connection with music, photography and the atmosphere found at truly great festivals. I said to myself that this might become the title of a future exhibition, or maybe a book title… The way I see and hear musicians, they are also somehow arrangers of clouds – of the atmosphere in our minds. Every listener develops his own emotions at concerts, music adjusts these moods, and can put us all on the same wavelength. These are the most beautiful moments, where the created energy stirs within me, and it is then that I can make a good image – a moment of photographic greatness.”
– Žiga Koritnik