41. Skopje Jazz Festival
13-16 October 2022

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23 October National Opera and Ballet, 22:00 NOB, 22:00


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CHRISTER BOTHÉN donso n´goni, bass clarinet, piano

GORAN KAJFEŠ trumpet, keyboards

MATS GUSTAFSSON saxophones, flutes

OKAY TEMIZ drums, berimbau, percussion

Performing under the moniker NU Music 4 for the first time, Mats Gustafsson and Goran Kafješ join former Don Cherry collaborators Christer Bothén and Okay Temiz as a new quartet, sprung from the radical spirit and collaborative models Don championed in his lifetime. The quartet will perform free-form suites and compositions (by all members of the group as well as fragments and pieces by Don Cherry) all drawing from a vibrant, cross-cultural array of instruments and sounds. With its exuberant style, the quartet is reminiscent of Don’s own eclectic arrangements, and each performer has been profoundly influenced by his enduring legacy. OkayTemiz, a Turkish percussionist, met Don Cherry in the mid-1960s in Stockholm and helped spark his interest in non-Western music - the two performing together, often as a trio with South African bassist Johnny Dyani, over the next decade. Don Cherry met Christer Bothén a key figure on the Scandinavian creative music scene in the early 1970s after seeing him play the donso ngoni, a traditional Mali instrument. They toured together extensively. Completing the quartet are Swedish saxophonist Mats Gustafsson, and Croatian-Swedish trumpeter Goran Kajfeš, both of whom have collaborated with Don’s children: Neneh and Eagle-Eye Cherry. The group is using influences from free jazz, ethnic music from North Africa, Turkey, Brazil, Scandinavia and various experimental music traditions as well as forms, structures and contents from radical rock and jazz. NU Music 4 will have its world festival premiere at Skopje Jazz Festival.