13 - 16 October 2022

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15 October MKC, 24:00 MKC, 24:00

NEW FUTURE CITY RADIO (Damon Locks / Rob Mazurek feat. Mauricio Takara)

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DAMON LOCKS voice, electronics, sampler

ROB MAZUREK trumpet, voice, bells, sampler

special guest:

MAURICIO TAKARA percussion, electronics

New Future City Radio is a collaboration between Rob Mazurek and Damon Locks. Within this new duo the two contemplate: community, transformation, and the future, through the lens of imagining a pirate radio station for the people. Themes both sonic and text based were predetermined but improvisation leads the journey. Rob Mazurek is known for a wide variety of self-steered projects as well as collaborations. With this project he pairs up with his Exploding Star Orchestra member, Damon Locks, who is best known not only as a voice in Exploding Star Orchestra but also the leader of his own group Black Monument Ensemble (both group have records out on International Anthem Recording Company). Together the duo share electronic duties but they each take the lead when needed with their own specialities, Rob trumpet and Damon voice. The music these two have devised may sound overtly bombastic one moment and gently transportive the next, and often somewhere in between. When asked about the New Future City Radio music the duo exclaimed in one voice, "I'm talking post, post, post, future. I'm talking resilience and levitation. I'm talking beauty and structural integrity for my people. I'm talking lightbeams that tell stories and educate. Let's talk about that if you wanna talk new future! " For this exclusive performance in Skopje, they will be joined by the Brazilian percussionist Mauricio Takara (Hurtmold, São Paulo Underground...).