17 – 20 October 2019

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18 October Macedonian Opera and Ballet, 22:00 MOB, 22:00

ANOUAR BRAHEM QUARTET "The Astounding Eyes of Rita"

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KLAUS GESING bass clarinet



Anouar Brahem is the oud’s conjuror, an authentic master at bringing out the acoustic magic which this age-old traditional Oriental lute carries inside its calabash: the musical heritage of the Arab and Islamic worlds. Brahem is a phenomenon, a concentrated mix of prolific paradoxes: he is a supremely subversive classicist; a solitary soloist, resolutely open to the world; a man ever inclined to venture beyond his own limits and push back musical frontiers… without yielding an inch to aesthetic standards forged across time and tempered with deep respect for tradition. And because he’s sought to weave this abundance of influences and disparate passions inside the very material of his work and compositions for nearly forty years, Anouar Brahem now creates music free of any named traditional influences but rather in his own image. From the rich repertoire of јazz – John Surman, Dave Holland, Jan Garbarek and Jack De Johnette are just some of the leading players to succumb to Brahem's melodic spells – to the multiple and diverse traditions of Mediterranean and Oriental influence (from his native Tunisia to the confines of India and Iran), his sensitive yet rigorous music constantly redefines a cleverly composite universe of poetry and culture, ever balancing between discretion and sensuality, nostalgia and contemplation. “The Astounding Eyes of Rita” (ECM, 2009) is dedicated to the memory of Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish.