Norwegian avantgarde pioneer Sidsel Endresen has defined and re-defined vocal sound since her breakthrough in the early 1980’s. She has worked with a vast number of musicians - in Norway and abroad, written music for films, theatrical productions as well as other commissioned work. Her work has spanned genres from fusion and jazz-rock in the 80's, to free-improvisation, electronics and new music in the 90's and the new millennium. She continues to be of huge inspiration to young vocalists (and improvisers in general!) around the globe. Stian Westerhus is one of Norway’s hardest working young improvisors playing in bands like Jaga Jazzist, Nils Petter Molvær, Monolithic, Puma, Bladed, Crimetime Orchestra and many more. For the last few years he has put more and more energy into challenging the electric guitar alone on stage or with his new band Pale Horses. Having been blessed with little or no respect for the instrument, his performances balance raw expressiveness, virtuosity and melodic instinct utilizing his Norwegian heritage as well as growing up listening to Slayer. With a soundscape far beyond the standard guitar he seeks to push the boundaries for improvised music across the muddy waters of genres. Endresen and Westerhus clearly share a work ethic, dedicated to finding new ways to use their respective instruments in new aural landscapes, yet paradoxically one is all about the untarnished purity of an acoustic instrument (Endresen's voice), while the other is devoted to the use of a massive arsenal of electronic effects and amplification. Together, they create a beautiful and unique soundworld captured live during a much spoken about concerts at the Nattjazz Festival, Kongsberg Jazzfestival, Moers Festival, Elbjazz etc. A dream combination of two extraordinary artists.

18 October    Macedonian Opera and Ballet, 20:00

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