Rob Mazurek, a fearlessly forward-looking musician, has been battering down the borders between musical genres since the mid ‘80s, leading Isotope 217, the Chicago Underground collective, Starlicker and the Exploding Star Orchestra, among other things, and performing and/or recording with everyone from Stereolab, Tortoise and Jim O’Rourke to Pharoah Sanders and many more whose work reflects a keen interest in modern, interesting music, both from the jazz and rock traditions. While managing and developing these and other ensembles in Chicago, Rob spent several years living in the Brazilian Amazon. During this time, he would occasionally travel to the thriving cultural and economic metropolis of São Paulo. It is here that Rob met Mauricio Takara and Guilherme Granado, among other members of the city’s rising underground music movement. In 2006, São Paulo Underground released its debut album “Sauna: Um, Dois, Três” to much international acclaim, and began performing live, as a duo, in the U.S., Europe and South America. In 2008, they released “The Principle of Intrusive Relationships”, which was listed among the Top 50 Records of 2008 by The Wire. The group released its third album, “Três CabeÇas Loucuras”, on Cuneiform Records in October 2011. To describe the music the quartet creates is futile. São Paulo Underground embodies a fascinating musical mixture of Sun Ra-esque cosmic noise and rhythms and phrasing from samba, maracatu, rock and free jazz traditions. On “Três CabeÇas Loucuras”, Mazurek’s hard-driving hailstorm of cornet lines collides with the polyrhythmic percussion and electronic textures of his Brazilian compatriots, a new paradigm is created, where Brazilian grooves, ambient atmospheres, and post-bop harmonic leaps come together for a vital, vibrant feel.

21 October    City Hall Center, 24:00
ROB MAZUREK cornet, electronics GUILHERME GRANADO keyboards, electronics, samplers MAURICIO TAKARA drums, percussion, cavaquinho, electronics

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