GET THE BLESSING (United Kingdom)

Winners of the BBC Jazz Award 2008 for their debut album “All Is Yes”, Get The Blessing (formerly known as The Blessing) is currently one of the UK’s most exciting live bands. Featuring bassist Jim Barr and drummer Clive Deamer from trip-hop legends Portishead, plus the twin horns & electronic devices of saxophonist Jake McMurchie and trumpeter Pete Judge, Get The Blessing has forged a unique signature sound that defies easy classification, yet never loses sight of thumping tunes, monstrously infectious beats, or joyous collective spontaneity. Their second album “Bugs In Amber” - described as the post-jazz soundtrack to an imaginary low-budget James Bond movie remade by Tarkovsky and starring Buster Keaton - has received widespread critical and popular acclaim. With influences ranging from Ornette Coleman and Tortoise, to Blondie and Samuel Beckett, Get The Blessing consistently confound expectation. Comparisons with punk aren’t too far-fetched either, from the band’s often thrashing rhythms and rocking riffs to the irreverent and mischievous attitude. At the same time, their music carries a genuine emotional punch, and is as capable of delicacy as is of visceral power. This is not ‘difficult’ music by any stretch, neither is it merely simple. Their latest album “OCDC” once again finds Get The Blessing elbowing their way out of easy categorisation. With guest turns from Portishead guitarist Adrian Utley as well as Robert Wyatt, and influences including astronomy, psychology, Borges, and food, “OCDC” grabs the listener by the lapels and sets off joyously once more into the sonic wilderness. Prepare to be teased, beguiled, soothed, spooked, jolted, and ultimately uplifted.

17 October    Macedonian Opera and Ballet, 20:00

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