13 - 16 October 2022

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14 October MKC, 23:00 MKC, 23:00


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Somewhere between noise, funkrock and sound art, ABACAXI (pineapple in Portuguese), the remarkable new power trio has a heart full of candy and a skin made of spikes. Geared around maverick guitarist Julien Desprez, this brand new incarnation of the classic rock line-up guitar/bass/drums presents an intense, electrified, and loud sound sculpture, carved by the rock idiom. Elements of abstraction, snarly noise and prog mixed with the guitarist’s gymnastic, dance-like maneuvers on an array of floor pedals, including stage lighting controls. The trio creates a highly energetic new music full of noisy brightness and sharp edges - completed by a choreography of flashlights. Band leader Julien Desprez has developed his own approach to the guitar, as if he’s playing an organ or drum kit. Tap dancing on the pedals, he engages his whole body. He doesn’t hide behind the powerful sound of his instrument. For him, the guitar has become a controller which he uses to fluctuate between contrasting levels of light and sound, while he explores the physical and mental space, making it soar and tremble at the same time. ABACAXI made a big impression during their European debut at Berlin Jazz festival 2019. The first release “Mainstream desire” followed in March 2021 (Carton / Coax records). Abacaxi is one of the more exciting, genre-blurring and multisensory new ensembles around.